Funeral Memorial Picture With Deceased Loved One In Background

Create a funeral memorial picture with the deceased loved one in the background as a long lasting memorial gift. The best way to remember the deceased is to include them in important life event pictures, next to you or next to anyone dear to you. Every time you look at the photo, comfort will come to you.

It is painful to lose a mother, father, spouse, or kid, but you must resist letting the anguish split you apart. You may relive all the wonderful memories by having your departed loved ones next to you in a one of a kind memorial photo. Giving your family or friends this memorial portrait as a remembrance of a loved one is a beautiful sentimental gift.


  • 1 JPEG File
  • Add text to photo (Extra Cost)
  • Change background (Extra Costs)
  • The source file (Extra Cost)
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How does it work?

  • If you are unsure of which photos to use, kindly send us an email at
  • Use the "Where should we place the deceased?" field to specify the desired location.

Delivery time:

  • Digital Delivery: 1-3 Days .

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