Watercolor House Portrait - Moving Gift

 A Watercolor House Portrait from photo, is the ideal moving gift you can make to anyone you love. It can also be a housewarming gift for couples or a realtor closing gift for new home owners. Send us your photo and we will do watercolor architecture sketching. Choose as delivery digital, poster or canvas print.


  • 1 JPEG File
  • Digital Delivery
  • The source file (Extra Cost)
  • Free support 24/7 – Fast Response


  • Make sure the reference photo has a good quality. If you are unsure about the quality of the photo, kindly email us at office@pixelsphotoart.com
  • Make sure your photo is not cropped or blurry and it is high resolution.
  • We will sketch, draw and paint the building in exact same position as in the photo. 

Delivery time:

  • Digital Delivery: 1-3 Days .