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Horse Portrait

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Create a custom horse portrait from your photos and cherish it forever! Whether you're looking to create a gift for horse lovers or simply to preserve a dear memory forever, our horse portrait artists will craft a personalized horse painting. You can display the equine alone in a horse portrait, alongside your loved ones, or create something special from your imagination. Ideal for birthdays and anniversaries, we can depict in oil and watercolor brushstrokes the bond between the rider and horse or your eternal love for these beautiful and majestic creatures!

We create paintings that evoke emotions, portray shared adventures, and display the unique connection between horses and humans. Commission yours today!

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1-3 days.


Each revision take up to 24 hours.

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5-7 days.

Our times are a general estimate only and may vary.

Holidays, revisions, and additional requests can increase these estimates.

Hand-drawn by talented artists

Our talented artists spend hours painting your pet portrait by hand using a digital tablet, to ensure that the artwork lives up to your expectations.

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Let’s face it! Who wants a boring gift? We create awesome and unique personalized gifts! Become the ultimate gift-giving superstar! 🎁🌟#MicDrop #YoureWelcome


It will take up to 3 days for the digital artwork to be uploaded to the Track My Order page. For prints, it will take an additional 5-7 days.

Certainly! We take great pride in delivering high-quality work to our customers. If you have any concerns or suggestions regarding the final product, we are more than happy to offer unlimited revisions to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our goal is to make sure you receive a final product that meets your expectations and leaves you smiling.

We understand firsthand what it's like to lose a pet companion. And with this understanding comes our guarantee that we will do everything we can to make you happy!

The creation of the artwork takes up to 3 hours, and it is a time investment we can only dedicate after you've placed your order. With unlimited revisions, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Yes, you can. You can create your artwork from several photos or your imagination. For a customized artwork it is recommended to reach out first before placing an order. Get your personalized quote at

Instead of using canvas and brushes, we use digital tablets and pens. This way, you can benefit from affordable pricing, fast deliveries, and a lifetime guarantee!

Our paintings are at a fraction of the cost of handmade paintings, take less time to create, and can be reprinted forever.

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