Renaissance Pet Portraits - Cat & Dog Paintings From Photo

With a custom-made Renaissance Pet Portrait Painting done from your cat & dog photos, your home will bring more smiles and laughter than you can imagine. If you're looking to create memorable gifts for pet owners, renaissance dog portraits and cat royal portraits might be what you're looking for! You cannot go wrong with a royal pet portrait. Furthermore, to spice things up, a dog and owner portrait painting would be the ideal house decoration that can highlight your individuality, creativity, and obviously, your wicked sense of humor! 

At PixelsPhotoArt, we don't just put a dog or cat head on human body; we carefully paint and depict the pet's unique facial traits so it can look majestic. It is also a straightforward and enjoyable experience as you can turn pet photo into canvas art as fast as 1,2,3. It might be the best personalized gift that you can make for yourself or anyone you love. Have your Personalized Renaissance Pet Portrait delivered digitally or to your door as a poster, framed poster, or canvas print. 

How does it work?

  • Choose your delivery type.
  • Upload your photo. Check the 2nd photo for the photo requirements. If you are unsure about the quality, send us your photo for a check-up at 
  • Choose a costume that matches your pet's personality from the 3rd and 4th photo.


  • 1 JPEG File 300dpi 4500x5500*
  • Digital and Physical Delivery
  • The source file (Extra Cost)
  • Commercial Rights (Extra Cost)
  • Free support 24/7 – Fast Response

Delivery time:

  • Digital Delivery: 1-3 Days 
  • Print Delivery: 5-10 Days

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