The ordering process is very simple:

  1. Choose your product.
  2. Select the Delivery Type
  3. Upload your photo(s)
  4. Add your product to the cart and proceed to checkout
It takes about 3 working days for the digital artwork to be delivered. Shipping adds an extra of 5-8 working days on top of the digital delivery.
Yes, for an extra fee a 24-hour digital delivery is possible. Please reach us at office@pixelsphotoart.com with your order number and request a fast-delivery.
You can check the status of your order anytime by using Track My Order function from the chat or simply reach us on the chat or at office@pixelsphotoart.com
All our designs are 5500x4500px on 300 dpi and saved as JPG. The file will be sent to you via email. For print delivery, you will also receive the digital file as well as the print.
Yes! You can request customization and we will make your portrait according to your request. Please note that customization may include extra fees. To request for a customization kindly e-mail us at office@pixelsphotoart.com
No, that is not possible. We create personalized artworks based on your order request. After you place your order, within 3 days it will be sent to your email. There you can request revisions or confirm the delivery.
We will provide unlimited revisions until you are happy! Please note that you cannot change photos post-delivery as a free revision. Free revisions are provided only for the initial order materials and instructions. Paid revisions are possible. To avoid mismatched expectations, please send us your photos before placing the order at office@pixelsphotoart.com
No worries! Reach us via chat or on email at office@pixelsphotoart.com and let us know what you would like to do! We will help you choose the right photos.
Please use the upload function before placing your order. You can upload 1 or more photos with direct upload from your device, from social networks or your online file storage.
It is extremely important that you provide the best qualitative photos you have as the quality of the artwork will reflect the quality of your photo. If you need further help to determine if your picture is suitable, please e-reach us out via e-mail at office@pixelsphotoart.com
When uploading photos on the website you can choose jpg, png, pdf, bmp or tiff. Make sure that you are sending the best quality pictures that you have, in the highest resolution possible.
Yes, we can create a couple or family painting featuring your loved ones and their pets. Please contact us at office@pixelsphotoart and we will advise you. We can create your own template featuring the costumes of your choice or you can use some premade templates.
Each artwork is different as it is custom made on customer's request. We place your photo on the costume of your choice and paint over your photo. The photo needs to be qualitative and in high resolution so we can properly depict the person's or pet's unique traits. Finally we mix the painting with your photo, resulting in a high-quality realistic painting.
All photos must be clear enough to see the details of the face. Better quality = Better results Please follow our photo guidelines:
  • High Quality & Resolution Photo.
  • Taken in normal light conditions. Outdoor preferably
  • No Blur
  • No heavy shadow or burned photos
  • Head fully visible without cropped parts
  • Take the photo from eye level, not from above or under.
  • Take a close-up portrait photo, approximately arm's length
  • The subject is looking away from the camera. (best outcome)
If you are unsure about the quality, reach us out at office@pixelsphotoart.com and we will help you pick the right photo. For more info please check How it Works.
Yes, that is possible. We only need a clear view of the person's/pet's head.
Yes, that is possible. Please note that custom requests take longer time and are subject to personalized quotes. Please reach us at office@pixelsphotoart and send us a photo for reference. A representative will be in touch with you and help you further.
Yes, for an extra fee, that is possible. Please visit this link and change your costume.
The ideal base photo:
  • has enough space available to add an extra person.
  • is high resolution and has good quality
  • it's not a screenshot of your photo
  • matches the light conditions of the person/deceased photo
If you are unsure about your photo's quality, please reach us at office@pixelsphotoart.com and our representatives will help you to pick the right photos.
The subject needs to be fully visible as it will be moved in the artwork exactly as he is. It is not possible to make visible the hidden parts. In some cases, the hidden parts can be reconstructed however this will turn your artwork into a custom-request for which extra fees may apply depending on the difficulty.
Yes, we can add people and pets from reference photos. Reach us out at office@pixelsphotoart and let us know what you would like to do. One of our representatives will guide you further.
Yes, we can change the background and let you select the one you like. Rest assured that we will let you know if the background you choose is not optimal and we will help you pick the right background.
Yes we can add text your artwork. Simply add this product to cart and provide the text.
Most of the time that is possible, however, there are cases when the subject is covering other people/objects that are hard to reconstruct. Reach us at office@pixelsphotoart.com with your photo, and our representatives will help you.
We are results oriented, therefore we strongly recommend you to restore your photo before creating a memorial or funeral artwork.
Photo restoration is the process of making an old photo new again. Old photos suffer from cracking, tears and mould. They can fade and discolour and become mottled. Physical damage can cause a photo to look old and tattered such as pinholes or missing pieces. Water damage can cause the colours to run and stains ruin your photos. Photo restoration can remove all that damage and make an old photo new again.
The process normally starts with a digital image. This is normally a scan of the photo created on a pofessional scanner. The digital image is transferred to a computer. Once the digital image is on the computer it can be manipulated and retouched using an image editor such as Photoshop. This allows the image to be digitally repaired.
Photos age and fall apart. When we have no images left of our past then our memories fade of these past events too. Restoring photos is vital if we want to preserve these memories for the future. It is not just our memories and photos that need to be saved. Historical photos, clubs, societies, organisations and businesses all have photos from the past. It is their history and memories and moments that photo restoration is there to save!
We do not work with physical photos. Please have it professionally scanned in high resolution or take a good photo of it with a modern photo camera and send it to us.
Yes. PixelsPhotoArt is known for producing some of the best photo-realistic colorization work on the Web. The cost for this type of work varies depending on the amount of detail and complexity in the photo. Check out our photo colorizing service for more details and examples of our work.
PixelsPhotoArt is a digital photo restoration agency, so we are only able to fix digital replicas of your original images. If your print or negative is in very bad shape, you may want to engage the services of a professional conservationist. For more details, see my blog post on Conserving old photos using expert conservationists.
Yes. I would be able to work from a scan of the image made through the glass. You can try this yourself to avoid posting glass. For help with scanning through glass read the photos stuck to glass blog post.
You can read about how to do that in scanning large images for restoration. It is not difficult and can save you posting costs by emailing me the scans.
Sure. The best scan means the best results for your restore! See my scanning guidewhich should answer all of your questions. If you want to jump straight into scanning the try my 7-step guide to scanning
It is always best to scan your photo, but if you must use a phone to photograph your imageit must be photographed correctly without flash, reflections, distortions, shadows and in sharp focus.
In many cases, photos that are under-exposed (too dark) or over-exposed (too light) can be fixed. However, in severe cases, there might not be enough detail or colour density to restore the image back to normal levels, making it difficult or impossible to achieve an acceptable result. You can request a FREE quote for your photo by sending us a e-mail with your photo at office@pixelsphotoart.com
Yes, we deliver all over the world! Our fulfillment centers are located in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and the EU, therefore, we and can print and ship locally and internationally.
Our shipping time is 5-8 working days! We provide FREE SHIPPING for all our print deliveries!
Yes! Once your order was shipped you will receive via e-mail your order's tracking number.
If you don't receive the print, kindly reach us out at office@pixelsphotoart.com along with your order number. If your print is lost, we will send it for reproduction or refund you the printing costs.
If the print arrives damaged during shipping, please reach us at office@pixelsphotoart.com and we'll replace it.
Depending on the time of the year, faster shipping can be possible but it will be subject to additional costs. Please reach us at office@pixelsphotoart.com if you would like a fast delivery.
If you are not happy with the draft, you have the following options: -Free: Request revisions within your initial order photos & requirements -Paid: change photos, change requirements.
If the draft was not made, you can cancel your order and we will fully refund you. If the draft was made you cannot cancel your order. We provide a service based on your requirements. If you have ordered a print and the draft was made, we can refund you the printing costs -$5 handling fees.
Our posters and canvases can be frammed but please take into consideration the bleed size so the frame won't hide important parts of the artwork. We strongly recommend to purchase the frame after the print arrives. If you want us to create your artwork with your size specifications, please order your artwork source file
For posters and framed posters:
  • - avoid direct sun exposure
  • - avoid touching the paper
  • - avoid humid areas
  • - do not hang in hot areas (fireplace, bathroom)
  • - avoid water contact.
For canvas:
  • -do not hang it in direct sunlight. It has a reflective coating which will dry out.
  • - it's water rezistent but if not dried properly, mold can build up.