Why Family Photos With Deceased Loved Ones Are Your Ideal Condolence Contribution?

June 23, 2021 5 min read

pictures with deceased loved ones

Pictures are a visual diary; they contain memories of places and people, all with their special meaning and significance to us. If you've lost someone you love, or if you're remembering someone you lost, it can be hard to think about anything else. And that’s why the photograph is perhaps the most powerful tech ever invented.

The memories we create in pictures will last for a lifetime. They offer closure after death, and they give our loved ones and the generations to follow a window into our lives. 


When someone loses their loved one, it is hard to find the right gift- a condolence contribution that will help them heal and get over their loss. One of the best ways would be superimposing a deceased loved one into an important life event photo. Here are a few of the many reasons why family photos with deceased loved ones are the best way to express your condolences:


  • Pictures help express the sentiments in one’s heart- As Henrik Ibsen quotes “ A picture is worth a thousand words”, pictures have their way of expressing emotions without even uttering a single word and helps the close one’s deal with losing someone they love by keeping them alive in their memories forever in the form of a permanent visual they can seek to whenever they are at grief and depression over the loss of a special one.


  • A visual reminder of lost love one: Getting over someone we loved can be a painful experience for everyone concerned especially family and friends and hence a personalized family photo with the deceased loved one can serve as the perfect consolation gift which will be a sentimental reminder of the fact that even when they are sad at the loss of a loved one, their soul and memories live on in one way or another.


  • Helps bereaved family members in the journey of healing: Death is inevitable and although our lives come to a standstill when we experience the death of a closed one, adding lost loved ones to photos serve as a keepsake for the family members and everyone directly or indirectly connected to the person lost. It also encourages them to move forward with life, keeping the deceased love in their thoughts and prayers, overcoming grief and sadness little by little in the journey of healing


  • Pictures are the best way to honor someone you love who has passed away: Family photos with deceased loved ones bridges the gap between life and death. The photos may be fragile, but the memories they hold are even more precious in their own right. Having them close at hand can help reassure the fact that you or the bereaved members are holding on to something very important which is worth more than any possession in the world for the people concerned. You may be able to bring comfort to a grieving family by offering them a blended picture with a deceased loved one in honor of someone they have lost as sympathy or a memorial gift.


  • A thoughtful memorial gift that people will cherish for years to come:  Adding lost loved ones to photos and presenting them as a gift to the bereaved family members is a wonderful way to remember those who have passed — capture the spirit of those who are no longer with us and which will be cherished for a lifetime by the beholder as a precious keepsake.


  • The importance of having a deceased loved one added to a wedding/graduation gift is very high: A present with this purpose on it is something that will be cherished and remembered throughout the recipient’s life. This touching sentiment expresses the importance of a loved one being present at a special event. It offers greater significance to a gift that has been something the recipient wanted to happen in the first place.

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Bride's Deceased Parents added into picture



Benefits of a family photo with deceased loved one as an ideal contribution for condolences:


  • Lost loved ones are remembered for who they were, and not in their current state: For people who are mourning the loss of a loved one, it can be comforting to see them in a happy photo with the ones they lost. Adding a deceased loved one to a photograph is a way to honor their memory and share a happy experience that's part of the bereaved family’s life.


  •  It can be comforting to see your lost loved one in a happy photo with the ones they loved: We all want to be remembered for who we were when we were alive. Seeing your lost loved one happy and healthy in pictures with the people they loved can be comforting to the ones left behind.


  •  It's a way to preserve your loved one's memory:Picture with a deceased loved one is a wonderful way to remember them, to honor, and to have a physical reminder of their presence close to you. Blended family portraits with a lost soul are a way of keeping the loved one’s spirit, memory, and personality alive.


  •  A source for the bereaved friends and family members to come together and remember — even if it's difficult: People often say that life goes on after a tragedy and the best way to cope is to look forward. But when a loved one dies, it’s hard to move on because they’re still present in our lives in so many ways. Family photos with deceased loved ones as a condolence contribution to the bereaved family are a way to commemorate and a way for the bereaved relatives or friends to come together and remember — even if it’s difficult.


  •  A powerful way to honor a departed loved one is to use their memory to express your gratitude and affection: A blended photo of your lost loved one and their kindred together is the perfect way to honor them and also serves as an excellent bereavement gift.



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