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Why Person Portraits Make the Perfect Personalized Gift for Any Season

June 26, 2021 3 min read

Renaissance Person Portrait From Photo

Whether you are celebrating a birthday or looking to decorate your home, you can never go wrong with choosing customized creations like person portraits as precious personalized gifts

Person portraits make a great birthday gift idea — you can always rely on them to be unique and thoughtful. If you're looking for a personality portrait as a personalized gift for someone special, consider giving them a personalized person painting done from their photo, that will capture their unique personality traits.

This is what makes personalized creations like Person Portraits a hit during Birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. They are versatile, loved by many, easy to use (just pin them up on a wall), and they serve as great conversation pieces. The best part? They don’t come with an expiration date!

Revisiting the Past: From Paintings to Photographs

If you could preserve a moment spent with friends and family, nothing can do a better job than a portrait.

Something is mystifying about these expressive self portraits done from pictures. They're unique and one of a kind — but also, they are very personalized. Person paintings are very dynamic works of art that offer an incredible window into a self-portrait artists’ inner workings. There are several reasons why people continue to create self-portraits and portraits of their loved ones: expressing themselves through art, showing how others see them, and perhaps most importantly, how we all want to be seen.
Throughout history, man has relied on various means to capture his most treasured moments and immortalize them to share with his descendants. Ranging from handprints on cave walls to photos cut out and kept in lockets, it was always the soul's most natural desire to steal a moment in time and keep it for future generations. But doing so used to be a tedious task, involving unreliable equipment — that is, until personalized human portrait paintings became mainstream.

Time flies too quickly. We all wish we had one more day or one more week to do something we would never get a chance to do again; we want to make memories last forever. Capturing and preserving the moments of our life is our way of battling the clock.

However, the enormous price tag that came with people portraits never stopped royals and other notable people from getting them done. Long before the invention of cameras, people stood for photorealistic art as long as possible because they knew it was one powerful way to be remembered.

Where to turn photo into renaissance painting today?

Renaissance Person Painting From Photo


It’s considerably easier to get a personalized couple portrait or self-portrait on special occasions done these days, but where do you start if you are looking for something that stands out? Your answer lies in us that specializes in uniquely themed portraits of people, like the ones we have here.

Our goal is to provide you with a unique portrait that is customized to your likeness (or the likeness of someone close to you) at an affordable price.Click here to know more

Wouldn’t it be nice to see something unique on your wall? Something that makes you feel genuinely different and special at the same time? Then famous renaissance portraits made by Pixels Photo Art would be the right choice. We are tired of the stiff poses and boring modern clothes, so we replaced it all with renaissance vintage costumes that will make you look regal and dignified.

These renaissance themed human portraits are something that could stimulate interest and warm up a conversation. The people portraits service isn't limited to your family, your friends can join the fun too with a variety of customizations to choose from.

If pictures paint a thousand words, a custom portrait art done from your photo can ignite long conversations. We've seen it all before in our customer's reviews and video testimonials.

Turning photos into renaissance paintings is the way to create and send personalized gifts to your friends or family.

Many have used these works of art to express their exquisite tastes or wacky sense of humor. Whatever the reason, these royal person paintings will always be a precious personalized gift and amusing addition to your interior decor. There are many ways to customize a photo, and the best part is, you get to decide how the final output will look.

Royal People Portraits as Easy as 1-2-3!

No bulky cameras are needed! You can use the powerful piece of tech that's probably hiding in your pocket or purse to have your personalized person painting done.

All you need to do is snap a photo of yourself, a family member, or a friend.

Next, read our guidelines, upload your picture, choose your costume and place your order.

The whole photo to portrait transition takes just a few days.

As easy as it may sound, get ready to see yourself dressed up in the costume that matches your personality.