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Why Choose a Picture Restoration Company Over Freelancers?

September 29, 2022 3 min read

picture restoration done by professional photo restorers

Preserving some of the most cherished moments of your loved ones’ lives is the best thing you can do to keep their spirit alive in the hearts and minds of the new generation. However, we all know technology wasn’t great back in the day, and time can take its toll on those lovely old photos.

Photo restoration is an excellent way to keep all those memories fresh and vibrant, but why should you go with picture restoration companies instead of freelancers?

Here are a few important reasons.

Access the services of a professional team

Firstly, photo restoration companies allow you to put your trust in the hands of an experienced team of professionals. The companies hire only expert photo restorers who are knowledgeable and skilled in working with delicate matters such as old and decaying photos.

Moreover, picture restoration companies are only focused on one area – bringing old photos back to life. That’s why you can rest assured that they work with the most advanced tools and equipment to tackle even the most challenging photo restoration tasks.

Greater experience and better service

Secondly, legitimate companies that hire professionals and use the latest equipment provide greater experience and better service. Some of the advantages a company can offer over your average freelancer are:

  • Easy to work with: Companies always prioritize customer satisfaction, which is why they do everything they can to make their customers happy. As a customer, working with photo restoration companies is easy – all you have to do is send your photos, and the team will do the rest.
  • No shady practices: Working with freelancers is risky because you can never be sure who you’re working with. Trusting a random person with old photos of your family is a big deal, so you should go with reputable companies that can’t afford to indulge in shady practices.
  • Focus on quality: Even though the photos used for restoration are usually damaged or of poor quality, companies focus on delivering impressive results. Whether that involves getting photos digitized properly or taking better photos, professional companies won’t offer you finished products that lack quality.

Freelance photo restorers are not result-oriented

Thirdly, freelancers aren’t always result-oriented. While some freelance photo restorers may go out of their way to ensure exceptional quality, that’s not generally the case.

Freelance picture restorers aren’t result-oriented because they often use one-click apps and tools that don’t treat the photos in the same way as professional software. Namely, specialized companies treat every damage and imperfection manually, which is a more expensive and time-consuming process, but it delivers outstanding results.

Companies care about their reputation

Finally, a photo restoration company will work hard to build a good reputation that will motivate people to come back or get others to try their services for the first time. A solid reputation plays a vital role in its success because it tends to stick for a long time – whether good or bad, a particular reputation will follow the company for years to come.

As a result, professional companies will do anything to get good reviews and positive word of mouth, including going above and beyond to ensure their customers are satisfied with the results.


Do you have a stack of old photos you’ve been planning to restore for the longest time? Well, now’s the time to do it! With each passing day, damaged photos require more work to be fixed, so don’t waste your precious time and choose a reliable photo restoration service today.