Picture Restoration Service - Restore Old Photos Professionally

Picture Restoration

If you have albums of old, damaged photographs in your attic and would like a way to preserve the special memories that those images hold, then our picture restoration service is the solution you’ve been looking for. 

With our photo restoration service, your old photos can be returned to their former glory. We can remove cracks in the images, fix fading, and reverse the damage caused by dust, spills, and tears. We can even restore water damaged photos. Our photo restoration services can also enhance the photographs with color correction and restoration, bringing their subjects back to life in the most vivid way. 

It is certainly possible to restore old photos yourself using photo editing software like Photoshop. However, it’s very hard to achieve the high-quality professional result that our talented and experienced photo refinishing team can produce. We undertake the restoration of pictures manually, paying attention to each detail so that the final outcome is just as perfect and even more beautiful than the original. 

If you’re keen to restore a photo for generations to come in a digital format like many of our previous customersthe team here at PixelsPhotoArt is here to help.


  • Bring old photos back to life 
  • Color correction and restoration make images vivid again
  • Preserve precious memories for future generations
  • Delivered in digital format
  • Removes cracks, fixes fading and reverses the damage