Photoshop Source File

The source file is needed when you want to get the best print outcome for your artwork made by Pixels Photo Art. The artwork is made in layers and you can make your adjustments easier. It requires Adobe Photoshop to use it.

Why is the Source File important?

  • Some print shops may request the source file. 
  • It's your lifetime modification access to your order.
  • If you need an adjustment at a later time, we will do it at no additional expense
  • If you want to print it on a specific size, and the print cuts into the design, we can modify the file specifically for the size you want to print, so it looks perfect
  • Serves as a solid back-up

Depending on the size you want to print on, the print company will often cut into the design rather than adjust the design for the best outcome. This can easily be avoided when you print with us as we always arrange the design properly by creating extra content for the edges, so the print will not cut into it.

Here is a cut into the design print example: Here
Here is the adjusted print example: Here

The cut into the design print only happens when you print on canvas & sides of the canvas. So posters and other material prints are not affected if you don't have to print on sides. 


  • Sadly, it is not possible to purchase the Source file later because the files are heavy and take a lot of computer storage space. Therefore, we delete the files after confirmation.
  • If you purchased the source file and need adjustments months or even years later, simply send us the source file, and we will do it.