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Why Photo Restoration near me is a bad idea?

May 03, 2022 2 min read

photo restoration near me

Searching for a photo restoration near me service is a bad idea because the search results will be of photo studios that are not qualified in this field. In addition, they have higher costs due to the rent and equipment maintenance. Instead of wasting your time and money by going there in person, you can have your old photos restored online at a fraction of the cost. If you are looking for photograph restoration, we are all about quality, fast delivery, and fair prices. 

How to digitize photos?

The best photo restoration begins with a high-resolution scan. Unfortunately, most homes are not equipped with professional scanning machines; therefore, a good photo using your modern phone might be enough. Try applications like PhotoScan or just your camera application. Next, try positioning your image on a flat surface and have natural light over your photo. Having too much light from the wrong angle might create shadows or reflections. Make sure these are not present on your image. Finally, avoid moving the camera so blur will not be present on your image.

Why is Photo Restoration necessary?Picture restoration near me

People choose to have an old photograph restored for various reasons because they might be someone wishing to preserve their heritage or they are looking for a memorable gift. With time, photos start to fade and accumulate a lot of dust and cracks. In some cases, photos age so much that they cannot be restored. Because picture restoration isn't something you buy every day, you might not know the costs.

How much does photo restoration cost?

You might find it shocking that photo studios will charge you from $80 up to $500 per 1 photo. While some photos may take minutes to hours to restore, we range our prices between $12 for an easy fix and $46 for a complex edit. Coloring a photo starts from $30, and in rare cases, we can charge up to $60. It is recommended to order larger quantities to the benefit of discounts of up to 50%.

Protect your family heritage! Save your photos!

Save your photos from unnecessary damage and send them in digital format to us! We will bring old photos back to life so you can cherish your memories once again! If you would like to bring photos back to life feel free to email us at